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Consumer Electronics, Mobile Phones, Wearables:


From smart watches to mobile phones we source, market and recycle items from all major categories.

Mobile Phones

Fitness Wearables

Action Cameras




Network IT Infrastructure: Servers, Data Machines & More

We source, market, deliver and service data centers, servers, IT Infrastructures and more! We understand the constant demand for quality, innovate and cost effective equipment,

Computer Service and Hardware:



Our clients demand prompt and innovate solutions when it comes to recycling and repairing their hardware. We are proud to be an R2 Certified Recycler of IT hardware and consumer electronics, with a socially responsible and environmentally friendly approach we provide cost effective solutions that don’t compromise quality.

Monitors & Laptops

Cell Phones

Audio /Video Equipment

TVs (LCD, Plasma, CRT)

Mouses & Keyboards

Scanners & Copiers

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